“Hello Summer” is a summer travel dating reality program produced by YOUKU. Focusing on “youthful energy authentic dating”, the program chooses ordinary guests to attend the show. They have various characters and different backgrounds, but they are all keen to date.In a period of 14 days, these guests will live under the same roof to experience the deep emotional interactions of both daytime dates and evening heart-to-hearts conversations. They will feel the changes of feelings towards each other and also experience different types of activities for them to date and interact. By several rounds of neighbour-changing, the program will help the guests get to know each other better and realize their inner values when they are faced with different choices.At the same time, celebrity guests Jiang Zhenyu, Liu Yan, Ouyang Nana, Wang Cong, Yang Di, and Zeng Shunxi will consist of the “Hello Summer Observation Team”. They will enter the studio to observe and discuss the guests’ interactions. This will showcase modern young people’s positive outlook on dating, values, and life. The show is meant to be a “mini vacation of adults”, creating a realistic living and social environment for the normal guests to live in. It encourages young people to walk out of the Internet world and return to reality where they can have face-to-face real-life interactions and find their true selves.

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